To be admitted to our diving course you must be provided with a medical certificate for swimming and athletics, valid and pass the following physical aptitude tests:
-running of 3000 meters in 15 minutes
-8 pull-ups
-20 pushups
-a test of emptying capacity of the underwater diving mask
-an apnea test in soak for at least 30 seconds
-a test of ability to breathe by a respirator without wearing the mask
Subsequently the course will initially take place in the pool and the rest completely in open water The course includes the authorization of military canons use of breathing apparatus in closed-circuit oxygen until 6 meters and the open-circuit breathing apparatus cylinder until 25 mt.
During the course you will be trained to:
-Immersion in closed circuit ARO up to 6 mt
-Immersion in open circuit ( 21% oxygen tank)
-Night dive
-Diving in murky waters
-Underwater navigation with compass
-Use of dry suit
-Management and exchange underwater reserve cylinders
-Emergency rise with launch of the recovery reporting buoy
-Simulation and managing of various problems in diving
-Practical notions of safety and underwater survival
-At any time our staff might exclude you from the course if you are not eligible.